While on a recent Girls Night Out press trip, we made time on our schedule to visit a Lush Cosmetics store.  Oh. My. Lush!

Lush, a company who got it’s start in the United Kingdom in 1995, makes all the body products we know and love, but in a way you will appreciate:  all natural. You can also appreciate the employees from the moment you walk into the store.   With their helpful advice and excitement about the product, Lush is pure goodness all around.
Lush Store Bath Bombs
With a commitment to make every bath a special occasion, Lush has a huge selection of bath bombs!  You simply drop a “bomb” into your warm bath water, then relax as the ball of goodness floats around, disintegrating and providing you with fragrant, soft water!  Grab a good book, a bath bomb and an hour.  Then think about it as a reward for a long day.  (Totally deserved, if you ask me!)

Lush Store
Employee Benefits
Remember when I said the employees were excited to talk to customers?  They are.  And they are ready to welcome you into the entire store, from mini hand massages, facial experiments and bath bomb demonstrations!

Lush Store

Hair Treatments
Lush has found a way to take your abused, dull hair and transform it back into shape with just the right ingredients.  The hair treatments at Lush looked “tasty”, which may be a good thing because they are just that natural.  And the products smell amazing!   *Inside information: most of these products are kept in the refrigerator because they are only sold fresh!

Lush Store
Using gentle, effective products, Lush has found a way to cleanse, revitalize and tone your skin.  With products for both men and women, you’re going to find lip balms, shaving cream, face masks, cleansers and more. 

Lush Store
I was beyond excited to get a few minutes with the love lettuce mask, which left my face exfoliated and softer than ever!  After receiving a fresh face, we received a makeup experience, proving that a little goes a long way!  (I love the highlighting tint!)

Lush Store

I was happy to find out Lush has more bath time fun available – for kids!  These rolls of fun soap are filled with scents you love from vanilla, to lemon to mandarin to something a bit more calming.  Let your children sculpt their favorite animals, then foam them up in the tub!  Children can also take a pea size amount to wash their hands at the sink!




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