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I was recently given the opportunity to drive the 2013 Ford Fusion for the duration of one week.  My family was getting ready for our trip to Disney World, so there was a ton of shopping and preparing to do…  This car came at the perfect time. 

There are so many things I liked about the Ford Fusion – here are 5 of my favorites:

Ford Fusion

Gas Mileage – On average, I was getting between 27 – 34 miles to the gallon in the Ford Fusion!  Definitely a plus for traveling distances long and short, considering the price of gas these days. 

Automatic Start and Stop – By far my favorite feature.  The car automatically stops when idle, then seamlessly restarts when the brake is released and the gas pedal is pushed.  There is no delay in the process, and no wasting gas at red lights!  (I wish all vehicles did this!) 

Safety – The Ford Fusion has front-impact airbags, side impact airbags, overhead airbags and knee airbags.  It’s also equip with seatbelt pretensioners that automatically tighten the seatbelts to place the occupant in the optimal seating position in the event of a collision.

Ford Fusion

Technology –  From USB ports to Bluetooth capabilities, the Ford Focus has it!  You can sync your phone to the hands free system, which is amazing!  There were no distractions, since the phone even has the technology to read your text message to you!  We used commands to tell the system which channel we wanted the radio station on and where we wanted to go.

Space – With three children, space is important when looking for a family vehicle.  The five of us comfortably fit in the car, and we were able to store our purchases in the large capacity of the trunk.  On one shopping trip, we bought a stroller for the upcoming Disney vacation.  Worried about all the groceries we had to buy along with the stroller, my husband contemplated having to go home to get his truck.  I suggested we “try” and was surprised to see we had room for everything with extra room to spare!

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  1. The Ford Fusion is my favorite car! I have owned 3 Ford’s!

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