Comic book creators and brothers, Chris and Shane Houghton, have put their heart and soul into a new Disney Channel animated comedy, Big City Greens.

In Big City Greens, you’ll meet Cricket Green and his sister, Tilly, who both grew up racing around on their tractor; embarking on wild adventures in the country; and spending time with their dad, Bill. But they’ve never experienced anything as exciting as life in a bustling metropolis, where they’ve just come to live with their Gramma Alice, a feisty force to be reckoned with — as well as the most affectionate grandmother you’re likely to meet.    


We had the opportunity to sit down with the Houghton brothers for a quick chat, and I loved hearing about their thought process, creative mindset and seeing a glimpse into their childhood.


Chris and Shane told us some episodes took about 2 years to complete.  The duo was dedicated and focused, and were both so excited when the pilot was ready for television.  We were excited to watch the said pilot, and I really think this will be a comedy my children like to watch, too.

Chris and Shane explained how the idea was based on their childhood, about a kid going out during the summer and getting beat up with everything from grass stains to poison ivy, then picking up to go right back at it again the next day.



There’s always something about each episode that’s really exciting to the brothers, and if not, they don’t make it.

We learned that one time, for Mother’s Day, the boy’s (real life) Mom wanted a picture of the family.  So the picture was taken, but it happened to be at the most awkward phase of the boys’ entire life.  Regardless, the framed picture was hung in the family room for all to see, and having four children of my own, I can imagine the love Chris and Shane’s mother had for that special memory.  — based on that real life event, in a future “Photo Opp” episode, Bill wants a family photo so the family heads to the mall, though some are not on board with the idea. 

This brought up the idea that Chris and Shane are indeed siblings.  (We all know siblings like to knock heads!)  They said the biggest challenge of working together as brothers is that sometimes they show up to work wearing the same shirt!  As we laughed with the duo, they told us how they have worked together for years on comics, films, and a show on Nickelodeon, when the question was quickly turned around to the biggest benefit of working together!  Chris and Shane both agreed that the benefit is that they know what each other wants, thinks and means, and that working with a sibling actually works really well.


We were told that each episode will say something about family, life in general or show the struggle with something.  We were also told that each episode will be 2 parts funny and 1 part heart, leaving the viewer with something to chew on and think about. 


Big City Greens debuts on the Disney Channel June 18.  You can also watch on DisneyNOW and Disney Channel VOD.


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