When Bop It! first came out, I was in high school. I loved the game so much, I remember playing the travel key chain of the game, which I received as a gift for Christmas one year. I was addicted. For me, it was like playing Simon, but with a bigger challenge.  Fast forward almost 15 years.  My son now plays Bob It!, and enjoys the challenge as well.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review the new Bop It! SMASH!  This is a small handheld game where you smash the sides of the handheld device when the lights land in the center circle.  You are then awarded 3 or 5 points, depending on which of the center circles you land on.  Another great challenge, which my son and I both love!

The game starts off easy, but gets more difficult as you play.  There is a voice that guides you through the game, and helps you get started.  This voice also cheers you along and talks smack when you are a little off.  (Not that I would know.)  It is lots of fun, and great for spouses or parent and child to compete!  It definitely tests both your patience and concentration!

BUY IT: Check out Bop It! SMASH on the Hasbro website for $19.99 or look for it wherever toys are sold!

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AGES 8 and up

Bop It! is a brand that has built success on a simple concept: challenging your reaction time. Using a handheld game unit, players follow easy voice commands quickly and precisely, or they lose. It is straightforward and positively addictive! Bop It Smash takes the action one step further with moving lights, playing on an arcade theme that’s impossible to resist.

Play solo or with friends with three ways to play. Got just a few minutes go for SOLO PLAY game. Or have a party − PASS IT lets you get your friends in the game. Finally, MULTIPLAYER challenges up to six players to see who is the fastest smasher. Can you get the green light for one point, or, even better, the blue light for five? The quicker your reflexes, the higher your score. You will be laughing and begging your friends to play just one more game!

The hardest part is putting it down! It’s impossible to resist BOP IT SMASH. The game unit is designed to be lightweight and to fit comfortably in your hands. All you have to do to get started is “smash” the unit by pressing in on the ends. Then follow the simple instructions. Play by yourself or with a party crowd. It’s simple and intuitive.


Cool handheld game unit that is lightweight and portable.
Three intense modes.
Easy-to-follow audio instructions
Three quick games in one – play solo or with friends.
No assembly! Just pick it up and play.
1+ PLAYERS 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries Required. Demo batteries included.
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  1. Kimberly Dsouza Reply

    The whole family still loves “getting into Trouble”! 🙂

    • read the whole thing lol… we dont play much other then peek a boo right now but I think it would have been Boggle growing up!

  2. Jessica Garcia Reply

    the little ones love tic tac toe an oldie but always a goodie 😉

  3. This sounds like a lot of fun and would fill some serious free time (especially in the car!).

  4. Kasee Johnson Reply

    We love to play UNO, with the Disney version being the biggest hit. It’s one of the few games that we can ALL play together! With our kids being spread apart in age, it’s hard to find something that will amuse the older ones while still letting the younger ones play. The kids are 18, 11, 7, & 4 now, but we’ve been having Family Game Night for the past 5 years!!

  5. Christina Peterson Reply

    Wii games, especially bowling. Board games, Candy Land and Life. I think my daughter may be old enough to start learning Monopoly.

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