With all the FREE Candy Corn at CVS (I think we ended up with 5 bags), I wonder what to do with them.

  • I give these to my children as treats, and of course they love them!  (Each child gets three when they have earned candy.  That’s fair, right?)
  • I used some as un-edible decorations.  Put them in a clear vase, and add black long stem feathers or ‘swirly birds’ to it.  I may be my favorite-est Halloween decoration yet!  I love it!
  • I will save a bag to use as turkey decorations for Thanksgiving.  (Think feathers on Oreo cookies.)
  • I ate a few.  Mix them with peanuts.  It tastes like a Pay Day candy bar.  (Try it if you don’t believe me!)

I went online to ‘research’ candy corn uses.  I found out that you can make ice cream.  You can also add them to rice krispie treats.  You can mix them into chex mix for a Halloween twist….The list goes on!

Do you have a candy corn tip or use?  I’d love to hear about it!

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