Did you hear about The Pumpkin People in the Dallas area?

We love Halloween and we love carving pumpkins.  We are a family that spends hours and hours of our time the weeks before Halloween to carve as many pumpkins as we possibly can to display them in the front yard on October 31st. My family has been doing this for as long as I can remember, and our pumpkin lot has steadily grown to 50+ carved pumpkins each year.

That’s right!  They set out a display of beautiful carved pumpkins on Halloween night!  The pumpkins are out and lit by dusk, right around the time trick or treaters start showing up.  They stay up until the trick or treaters stop coming by, usually around 10 pm.

They plan to have about 25 pumpkins at each location, but it’s possible that number can change. The public is welcome to stop by, get some candy, and take pictures!  (*They do ask, though, that you refrain from stepping in the yard around the pumpkins. They are fragile, they are all 100% real, and we use real fire in each.  The Pumpkin People also ask that everyone refrain from using flash as it will wash out your photo and you’ll be stuck with an image of a pumpkin with a few holes in it. No one wants that!)

To see the pumpkin displays, you can visit:

512 Willowview Dr. Saginaw, Texas


120 Adams Dr. Crowley, Texas


Keep in mind these displays are only up on Halloween night!

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