Christmas is all about making memories, and The Hilton Anatole is ready to provide just that. My family looks forward to visiting this hotel in Dallas each year for Christmas, and there’s good reason why. With decorations not to be missed, Christmas at the Anatole has a variety of activities that children of all ages will love.


We stayed at the Anatole over the weekend, which included a trip to Peppermint Park, a fun family movie night, then waking up  to Breakfast with Santa! 


Peppermint Park is THE place to get the best holiday experience.  It includes a variety of shows, including a Holiday Marionette show, a penguin show,  an escape room, a dance off, a giant snow globe, putt-putt golf and more!  



My children love the puppets in the marionette show, but they are still talking about the giant snow globe and escape room days later!  We also enjoyed dancing with the reindeer, stuffing our own bear, decorating cookies and roasting marshmallows on the fire!


Breakfast with Santa at the Anatole is my favorite Christmas event in Dallas! The breakfast includes a buffet of eggs, pancakes, bacon, pastries, cereal and so much more. 


While guests are eating, Santa and Mrs. Claus walk around, greeting children at tables, posing for pictures and noting the nice (or naughty) list.  The two then gather around the front of the crowd to read a story to the children!  It’s magical and unforgettable! 



Peppermint Park Schedule

November – 29 & 30
December – 6, 7, 13, 14, 19, 20, 21, 22
5 PM – 9 PM

Breakfast with Santa Schedule

November – 30
December – 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 20, 21, 22, 23
9 AM – 10:30 AM

(The dates listed above are the dates of the breakfast event. Be sure to book your reservation for the day before to enjoy Breakfast with Santa on day of your departure)

Visit for additional details and to purchase hotel packages or individual tickets. 



  1. I would love to take my two boys and hubby. We are available any of those days

  2. Donna Weaver Reply

    I would love to take my husband Brent and my son Aidan for a much needed break! 🙂 We can go anytime you’d like to send us!

  3. Katie Reames Reply

    I would take my family of 5! I have a 13 year old girl, 9 year old girl, & 6 year old boy. I would pay for an extra breakfast if I need to. We love to collect memories instead of stuff. My littles would love this! We are available Dec. 10th, 16th, 17th, or 22nd.

  4. I would love to take my kids and, sister, and niece! We would make ourselves available any of those days!

  5. Katie Reames Reply

    My favorite Christmas memory was waking up to specifically see what Santa put in my stocking. My stocking was always filled with the best and most personal goodies.

  6. I would take my daughter and husband! Oh, almost any day would work over the school break but even earlier if necessary!

  7. Nicole Davault Reply

    I would love to take my husband & 3 kids. We are available all days except 12/16-12/18.

  8. Destiny mcguire Reply

    I would take my husband and two kiddos! It is our daughters very first Christmas and I can’t wait to see what she thinks about Santa and all things Christmas!

    Favorite Christmas memory would be the year that we had our son, we spent so much time on gifts for him and he could care less about any of it! He refused to open a single gift and wanted to go play instead!!!! It was our favorite because it reminded me the most important thing about Christmas is not gifts or wrapping paper but being together and surrounded by those you love!!!!!!

    • Destiny mcguire Reply

      Oh and AVAILABLE any date! Just have to have a day or so heads up so hubby can take a day off work.

  9. Lauren Tharp Reply

    I would love to take my two girls and husband! We would be available Dec 18-20.

  10. SaRa Dicke Reply

    I would love to take my sweet baby girl, Ellie age two. We would love to stay on the night of the 17th.
    Thank you for this awesome opportunity.

    Merry Christmas ??

  11. Amber Goddard Reply

    I would take my husband and two boys. We have not seen Santa yet and this would be so much fun!! We are available on 12/15 and 12/16.

  12. Amber Goddard Reply

    I don’t know if this counts but I went on Pinterest and Facebook but I was already following you on both ?

  13. Carolyn haught Reply

    I would take my husband and 2 wonderful children. I could go any of those days except for 12/10 & 12/11.

  14. Carolyn haught Reply

    And I already follow you on Pinterest and Twitter.

    Favorite Christmas memories….a tie between the year I got a stuffed skunk when I was little, my first married Christmas and decorating our own tree, my son’s 1st Christmas and all the Christmases since then with both of my kids. Each Christmas with them is a wonderful memory made.

  15. Amber Goddard Reply

    Favorite memory is decorating the Christmas tree. Looking at all the ornaments we had made in the past (or that year) and the ornaments we had brought home from traveling.

  16. I would take my husband, daughter, my niece and her parents. My kiddos are grown, but I’m loving seeing things through the eyes of a kiddo again!

  17. Tammy vasquez Reply

    Dec 19th! I would surprise and take my family. It has been a rough year for my husband and our family. I would love to let my kids be kids and try to enjoy our first Christmas without “Grandma”.

  18. Terry Nriggs Reply

    I would take my wife and kids anytime over Christmas break.

    • Michelle Lambert Reply

      the week before Christmas since the kids are out of school!!

  19. Corey Morris Reply

    I would take my husband and 2 boys. We are available anytime.

  20. My favorite memory was the candlelight Christmas Eve service, but now all our new traditions with our daughter are my favorite.

  21. Bridgette Miller Reply

    Husband and our son and his girlfriend. Any days are good

  22. Jessica filina Reply

    I would love to take my family, my husband and four kids. we have celebrated our anniversary there in the past and I’ve always wanted to be able to take the kiddos. We could go anytime between 12/23-1/5 thanks:)

  23. Kristie lentz Reply

    The lentz family could go on December 21-23 or that first week after Christmas. ?

  24. I would take my Hubby and both of my beautiful kiddos! They would love it!

  25. My favorite Christmas memory (technically post Christmas) was stepping off the plane after returning post deployment from Iraq to Germany and then on home stateside a few weeks later and having a wonderful belated Christmas with my Mom, Dad, and Brother who had waited for my return to celebrate. It was wonderful 🙂

  26. Following you on Pinterest too!! (Also we are available ANY of those days!!)

  27. Andrea Guzman Reply

    We would go at any given moment!! And of course with my husband and my 4 kiddos ?

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