There are constant changes to Facebook.  Some good, some not so good.  Some we like, some we could have done without and some that take time to get used to.

Recently, those of us with fan pages were given the option to “pay to promote” our posts.  *Yes, if I want my posts to go out to all 9,000 of you, I have to pay $50.00 for that post.  Yikes!  Lots of page owners are unhappy about this option, and there are rumors and misconceptions everywhere we look.

Tonight I read a very informative article over at .  There, the information on these recent changes are laid out.  If you have a Facebook fan page, I encourage you to read it.  I also encourage you to share this with other fan page owners you know.   Knowledge is powerful!


*And I realize only about 25% of my facebook fans will actually see this.  That’s ok.  I’ll consider it $50 in my pocket.  😉

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