Yesterday I started to type up my 24 favorite adventures from 2013.  Going through pictures and choosing 24 memories is hard!  If you missed yesterday’s post, make sure you take a look at it here.  Now, for the continuation:


Legoland Discovery Center invited my family to an afternoon of Jedi Training!  My 3 year old still remembers this lesson and refers to it quite often when a light saber is in his hand!Jedi Training


We celebrated the beginning of summer with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge!  Enough said – that place spells fun from top to bottom!Great Wolf Lodge


 We have a lab, which means summer baths in an inflatable pool!  I really don’t know who enjoyed this more, Carly or my children!bath for dogs

A day in Dallas brought a trip to the Gas Monkey garage!  Gas Monkey is one of my husband’s favorite shows to watch on tv, so it was a great experience for him as well as our children!  (…even in the rain!)gas monkey swag van


The summer of 2013 also presented itself with a trip to Louisiana to visit our families!  What does Paw-Paw make with a slide, a hose pipe and a roll of duck tape?  Nothing other than a backyard water park!  That water was pretty dirty after only a few slides from the 5 children, but they enjoyed every single minute!  (Just don’t get the water in your mouth!  Yuck!)redneck waterslide


A favorite adventure of mine was the grape stomp at a local winery.  Remember I Love Lucy?  Yes, it was just as I expected!grape stomp


 Each year we look forward to attending the Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus.  It’s fun to see new acts and performers!Ringling Bros Circus


One of my favorite chefs is Paula Deen.  I have had the privilege of attending her show for the last two years, and this year, I was able to meet her!meet Paula Deen


I also had the honor of attending the George Strait press conference, where he announced details of the 2014 Cowboy Rides Away tour.        george strait tour


A friend of my husband is a pilot for the Good Year Blimp, so when the blimp made a trip to Dallas for a recent football game, we went up close and personal to learn the ins and outs!Goodyear Blimp


I grew up listening to Vanilla Ice!  “Alright stop, collaborate and listen…”  I sat down with him for a 30 minute interview, where he told stories about singing, the Amish and life as it is now!Vanilla Ice 

Another field trip?  Yes!  This time, my son’s class took a trip to San Antonio to visit several missions, including the Alamo.San Antonio


In September, my youngest and I went on a date.  Since he wants to be a knight when he grows up, Medieval Times was the perfect place to visit!Medieval Times Dallas 

We headed to Disney World in November – the crowds were low, the memories were perfect!  (That is Magician Mickey… he talks!)family fun at Disney World


Picture 25.  But who’s counting?
Right before Christmas, my family took a trip to Grapevine, TX to check out ICE! at the Gaylord!  As you may have guessed, 8 degrees is COLD! – I had on 4 layers of clothes, my children had on 5.  I felt like an Eskimo!  Ice at the Gaylord


See why it was hard to pick out 24 25 favorites?  Though I left out quite a few family experiences like feeding the ducks at the pond, leaving marshmallows all over a friend’s yard , completing our first 5K as a family or going out for ice cream in our pajamas… those are definitely fun and unforgettable memories, too!

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