fish city grill dallasLast month, I shared my love for Fish City Grill.  That hasn’t changed one bit.  In fact, that love just got a little stronger with the announcement of the 5th Annual Oysterfest.

My family was invited to visit Fish City Grill in November, and let me tell you, I am certain they are doing something right.  

fish city grillThe staff was just as kind as they were on our first visit, even questioning my children as though they specifically remembered them from a month prior.  My children were excited for a repeat visit, and I couldn’t wait to dig into the array of oyster selections the chef prepared for us! 

fish city grill Our first choice?  Oysters Rockefeller.  The combination of spinach, bacon and parmesan blends together nicely, creating a dish I could eat again and again! 

fish city grill The second choice?  Black and Bleu Oysters.  Imagine a buffalo wing + an oyster, and that’s exactly what you get.  It’s an oyster, fried crisp and tossed with a buffalo sauce, then topped lightly with blue cheese crumbles.  Delish!

fish city grill The next selection?  The Chargrilled Oysters. Butter and lemon pepper are two of my favorite combinations, but when you add parmesan cheese to the mix, it brings that combination to a whole new level!  This was one of my husband’s favorites!
 fish city grill Last, we tried the Tai Chili Oysters.  It is a sweet and salty flavor that you will wish you had more of!  This was definitely my favorite!

fish city grillMake sure you head over to Fish City Grill before this Oyster Menu disappears!  When they say serious seafood, you can tell they mean it!  

Don’t forget to check out the 9 locations in the Dallas Fort Worth area as well as the Fish City Grill menu.  You can also connect with Fish City Grill on facebook!

Giveaway:  One lucky The Frugal Mom reader will win a $50 gift certificate to visit their local Fish City Grill! 

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  1. Emily Buckmaster Reply

    I love Fish City Grill! Thank you so much for providing the giveaway to this wonderful restaurant. Every dish I have tried has been good and the owner and servers are always so nice.

  2. I love everything on Fish City Grill’s menu, bu the Black and Blu oysters while they have them are my favorite! Now I am craving them!

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