My contributor, Kristi, recently took a day trip to Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas, and her family had a wonderful day!  There is something for everyone there, and each of them experienced the attraction a little differently.

We started our adventure with the Ziplines. My older two children (12 and 10) wanted to visit the ropes course and zipline area. They were so excited to be able to experience this. Because you zipline to the other side, you actually get to ride it twice! The ropes course was full of “maze like” adventures as well. It was really neat to watch them conquer the obstacle course to get to the top so that they could ride on the zipline. They both thought that it was so much fun, and they wanted to do it over and over!

We then visited the Rainforest. It was projected to be really hot that day, and because the Moody Gardens’ rainforest is enclosed to simulate a real rainforest, it was going to get really warm in there as the day went by. There was so much to see! We visited with snakes, birds, fish, butterflies, and turtles! My children were able to have butterflies land on their fingers! One of the best parts of this exhibit is the hands-on areas that teach guests about the animals. We learned all about the sea otters and how the fur does not allow their skin to get wet. We also watched a turtle and sting ray feeding up close. My son thought that this was a highlight of his trip!

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Some other smaller experiences of Moody Gardens were the SpongeBob Subpants Adventure. This is a 4D movie where guests sit in a “submarine” to go on an adventure with SpongeBob, and we even got a little wet! There’s a gift shop for Sponge Bob fanatics included in the building. My son was chosen to participate as the “Button Pusher” for the movie. Another 4D experience was watching the movie Rio. It’s really neat to feel vibrations, water, and other dimensional aspects of the show in a movie theater.

There’s also a huge Dinosaur Exhibit happening now where guests can visit moving, life-like dinosaurs. We went on a scavenger hunt to find all of the dinosaurs and learn a little about each one!

When we took a lunch break, my family ate at the Garden Restaurant. The food was delicious, and there’s a buffet that looked like it included almost everything on the menu!

We ended our trip to Moody Gardens with a visit to the Aquarium. Some of the signage showed that the aquarium will be closing for maintenance soon, so I was excited that we were able to see it when we did. We saw so many different types of fish, sharks, seals, and even a huge penguin exhibit! My children were able to participate in a shark “passport” scavenger hunt where they had to find the sharks to add to their passport with a stamp. It was a fun experience for all of us!

We had a very fun time at Moody Gardens. Not only is it entertaining, it is also educational. I think that we all learned a little something, and we had fun while we were doing it!

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