My family recently found an appreciation for whole wheat and multi-grain products, including bread.  When making that switch, though, I had to find a product that my children would like vs something that tasted more like vitamins or “blah”.  Cue, Nature’s Own.

nature's own

Nature’s Own offers a variety of fresh breads, bagels, buns and more – and better yet, these products are filled with with nature’s best ingredients, but lacking on the artificial preservatives, trans fat and cholesterol.  There are several varieties of product with whole grain, high fiber, omega 3 and lower calories.  All around, it’s a staple you won’t feel guilty about eating.

nature's own

And with all the food you’ll be eating on the 4th of July, feeling guilty about eating something is the last thing you want to do! 

We grill hot dogs and hamburgers on the 4th of July, and the Nature’s Own buns make the perfect compliment!


But the buns aren’t just for July 4th.  And they are not just for hot dogs, either.  Once, I went to make my children’s lunch for school, then realized I was out of sliced bread.  So I fixed my children each a peanut butter and banana sandwich (topped with honey), on a hot dog bun!  They loved them and it changed up the daily “normal” lunch they were used to!  (Needless to say, that wasn’t the last time I made that for them – it became a requested favorite!)

Nature’s own products are perfect any time of the day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner. Make sure you visit Nature’s Own online to check out the selection they offer.  You can also visit them on facebook – in fact, make sure you watch my facebook and twitter for an upcoming Nature’s Own giveaway, where one lucky reader will win a few product coupons to try Natures Own!

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