I love taking road trips, just ask my husband.  I think it’s fun to pack up our car and head out, even if only for the night.  The number of places you can visit are endless, and with a little preparation, you can be on your way to a fun destination nearby.

road trip apps

But how do you prepare for the drive? I start with a packing list, a box of snacks and definitely make sure the electronic devices are charged up.  On my electronic device of choice (my phone), I make sure to download my favorite road trip apps.  I look for apps that will help make our drive cheaper, safer and more interesting.  These apps have saved us money at restaurants and gas stations.  They have saved us from sitting in traffic due to accidents or road construction, and they have led us to some of the cities best attractions we would have otherwise passed up.  

My 5 Favorite Road Trip Apps

FuelMyRoute will lead you to the cheapest fuel stops in your area.  FuelMyRoute takes your starting and end points and find the best spots to re-fuel your vehicle, also giving you the ability to customize the stops for brands, fuel type, etc. 

On The Way  is an app that can help you find the best spots to stop in and around your desired destination.

Weather Underground’s road trip planner is a tool that displays the weather along your route, which can include one starting point and several destinations.  This was super helpful to us on our recent road trip, because we were able to avoid the zoo on a potentially rainy day and visit the museum instead!

road trip apps

Travel Math is an app that helps you find the best way to travel, whether it’s by driving or catching an airplane.  If your road trip is specifically a “road” trip, then this app might not be very much help, but if you just need to get to a certain destination, then it will be very helpful!  Travel Math calculates distance, time and fuel cost, then shows you the value of your time vs. cost of both options.

Roadfood might just be my favorite app all together, and that’s not just because I like to eat. ::wink:: We have stopped at some very bad restaurants before, not knowing a thing about the location before going in.  Make sure you check out the ratings on each restaurant and know where you’re going to stop with this handy app.  If you sign up to be a Roadfood Insider, you can also access the GPS support, exclusive Roadfood maps, and Google Earth integration.
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