A few years ago, we decided to stay home for Valentine’s Day.  I am in my 30’s and have four children, each very young.  I have overused my days of waiting an hour to get a table just to dine out on the actual Valentine’s Day, where everyone loses their patience over hype.  I have developed a deeper appreciation of spending that extra hour doing something fun and exciting with my children!

smart things to do on valentine's day

On February 14th, you will find me (and my family) at home, cooking and more than likely, renting a Red Box movie.  Here are a few things I’ve learned:

Dinner.  Instead of spending $50 or more on a “romantic” dinner that included waiting too long for a table, choose to cook at home.  Light a few candles (you can even dress up if you’d like….or have your family dress in red and/or pink!) and enjoy a special night (minus the headache) with your family!  If you really wanted to go out, consider cooking at home and going out for dessert at a local ice cream shop!

Gifts:  Forgo the usual Valentine’s Day gifts, which usually go up in price through February 14th. 

 -Stay away from roses, chocolates and jewelry – or buy them the next day – and go for practical gifts your loved one can enjoy all year long!  Keep in mind, the holidays can be a “catch” for overpriced items due to the demand such gifts bring.  


 -Consider other flower options such as daisies or even a nice plant!  

 -If you’re on a budget, take 20 strips of paper and write down 20 things you love about your partner.  Fold them up, and place them in a jar or bowl.  Each day, for the next 20 days, your partner can pull one paper from the jar….title it “20 Reasons Why I Love You”.  The cost may be minimal but the memory will be priceless.

Entertainment:  The movie theater is a popular place to go on a Valentine’s Day date.  Consider renting a Red Box and bringing the movies to your house!  My children are excited about watching Storks this year!  (Little do they know I’m making colored popcorn to go with the movie!  It’s one of our family favorites!)


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