As we approach the month of July, I realized it was time to update my diaper bag to one with a summer feel.  I need something light that can be brought into the mall, the park or the pool, not something that would get in the way or warrant extra hands for carrying, since I’d have beach towels and other things in tow, too.  I also needed to make sure there were no unneeded items in the diaper bag.  I went through my bag, removing the outgrown diapers, restocking wipes and making sure the diaper rash cream didn’t bust.  (We know that happens at some point!)  When I was done, I realized there are really only 20 things you need to pack in your diaper bag.

But before I start, let me tell you about my new diaper bag itself.  It’s a backpack from LeSportsac, who also has a nice array of luggage, totes and accessories.  The backpack has a drawstring main closure, top flap with metal clip closure, padded shoulder straps and a top loop for hanging!  It has additional side pockets that zip close and more pockets inside!  I can’t say there are insulated pockets for bottles, but that’s not a priority for me, since I am breastfeeding.  I do love how easy it is to wipe down and clean!


Pretty sweet, right?   I love the quality of the bag and range of patterns available, and will probably order another one for the winter! 

So what things do I pack in my diaper bag?

things to pack in your diaper bag

20 Things To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

  1. diapers
  2. wipes
  3. diaper rash cream
  4. change of clothes
  5. burp rags
  6. baby legs
  7. nursing cover
  8. nursing pads
  9. grooming tools: brush, comb, fingernail clippers
  10. a fun children’s book  and at least one small toy
  11. sunscreen
  12. hand sanitizer
  13. zip lock bag (you never know when you will need one!)
  14. chap stick 
  15. an extra pad and/or tampon
  16. Tylenol or Motrin
  17. mints or gum
  18. keys
  19. sunglasses
  20. phone

*Items 13-20 have their own space. I always reserve 2 pockets for Mom things!

What do you put in your diaper bag?  Are there other items that should be added to this list?  How often do you go through the items to make sure they are current for your baby’s needs?


This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. I love your list of items you should include in you diaper bag. Mine is similar to you but now I need to add chap sticks to my list :p

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