This fall, we’re planning to take a road trip about 6 hours away.  We just came home from a drive to Louisiana, and though I was prepared, there were a few things I thought about once we were already in the car, twenty minutes down the road.

When we returned, I had to add those “forgotten” things to my master list, making sure we were even more prepared for our next trip.  (How could I forget headphones for the children’s devices?)  

what to pack on road trips

Here’s my list of items to pack for road trips.  While there are one hundred other items that could be added, I like to keep it basic, being there are 6 of us in the van to begin with!  (Space is important!)

What to Pack For Road Trips

  • A good playlist.  You never know when you won’t find a good station, and songs you can sing to will make the drive go a bit faster.
  • Snacks and a few drinks.  You’ll save money from not having to buy these at the convenience store.  (Plus, it’s one less stop!)  I always tell my children they need to save some drink (we do water) for the destination.  It helps keep down on bathroom breaks, because they don’t want to drink it all right away!
  • Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer.  You never know when you’ll need them… Better safe than sorry!
  • GPS or Maps.  Keep them nearby, along with your destination address.  You don’t want to get lost!
  • Roadside Assistance Kit.  It’s always good to have the basic supplies with you. (Flashlights are super important!)
  • Camera.  Keep it in a place that’s accessible.  Take pictures along the way!
  • A Light Jacket.  Temperatures can change from city to city.  You want to be prepared (this goes for children, too!)
  • A Blanket or Neck Pillow.  Get comfortable!
  • A Book or Crossword Puzzle (or games for children.)  It will help the miles go by if you’re busy!
  • Electronic Devices. Charge them.
  • Headphones.  3 devices on at the same time Mom and Dad are trying to listen to the radio… 
  • Change for toll roads.  I speak from experience on this one.  Bring change.
  • Sunglasses.  If you time it right, the sun will be your best friend.  If you time it wrong, the sun will impair your vision, and you’ll wish you had sunglasses with you!


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