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As an influencer, I have driven many different vehicles over the years.  It’s nice to get out of my 8-year-old van and into some of the newer models, taking a look at the new technology, upgrades and safety features.

My husband has been hinting that I need a new van, but as someone with attachment issues, it’s hard to let go of something you’ve owned for so long.   As we both discussed the matter further, we decided to check out a few resources for buying a car online.

We landed on Cars.com and it was a great start to our research.  I was able to find my car’s value, and know how much I would get on a trade, based on an estimator from Black Book.   

ford escape

I then moved to the buying section, where I was easily able to search for the vehicle I was looking for.  I loved that I could insert specific information such as mileage, year and price to tailor my search.  I honestly didn’t know the process would be so easy!  With about 4 million up-to-date listings to go through, I knew I’d find the perfect fit for my family’s needs.

dallas mom blog

Once I found the vehicle I was interested in, I was able to see pictures of the interior and exterior, as well as specifications worth noting.  I could even contact the dealership with a pre-written note, asking for more information.  

After I sent my message to the dealership, the salesman replied with an offer to test drive and take a closer look.  I loved that there was no pressure and I could potentially buy a car from my living room!

Ford Fusion

Cars.com even has a section for service and repairs, with a price estimator there, too!  As a busy mom, I love being able to see everything in black and white, with the freedom to call the dealership or service department if I choose to do so.  And if I want to keep communication open strictly through email, to reply when I have a moment of time, that is an option, too.

buick regal

For more information on buying or selling your next vehicle, check out Cars.com.  You can also find them on Facebook.

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