For many, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week!  Between three children, we have 16 teachers to show appreciation for, and show our appreciation we will do! For a busy Mom like me, it is easier to have a plan of the gifts we will send through the week, rather than try to figure out what we will send the night before! 

With a little planning, you can make these gifts in bulk, saving you time, money and a little stress!

teacher appreciation gifts

25 Cute Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas for your Teacher!

1. My Teacher is “AW-esome”! Go here to find an easy printable template. Just add root beer!

teacher appreciation flower gift

2.  Who doesn’t love flowers? Add a cute note to these plants for a “growing” treat!

3. Give your teacher their favorite donut with a not that says “Donut you know how much we appreciate you?”

4. You deserve chocolate!! Thanks for all you do! This is from the same sight as above. All you have to do is add your teacher’s favorite chocolate bar. I’m thinking cookies ‘n cream might be pretty tasty! ;-)

5. If your teacher like movies, you can give them some movies tickets or a gift card to to Redbox. Here is a really and inexpensive way to package up that gift.

6. You are o”fish”ally the best! Again, this is from the blog eighteen25. They have the template all set up for you, making this a super easy gift. All you have to do is add swedish fish or even some goldfish.

7. Here is a free 8×10 printable from Balancing Home. You might consider framing this or print it on cardstock and place inside a clipboard.

8. You’re the star of our class. This picture says star of the family, but nothing but country has a template for star of the class, perfect for teacher appreciation!

9. Fill an oven mitt with the treats, add a tag with some ribbon for a really cute gift idea. Check it out here.

10. Thanks for making me a sharpie. Print this cute template and add a marker! Easy and cute.

11. Give some Jelly Beans and include a note that says “No Beans about it – Mrs (enter Teacher’s Name) Rules!”

12. Thanks a latte! Is your teacher a coffee drinker? Here is a great idea from saucy sprinkles for jazzing up a Starbucks gift card.

13. I love this idea of giving your teacher a HUGE bottle of purell and jazzing it up and personalizing it.

14. You’re a ‘tea’-riffic teacher! I love this idea from domesticated lady. She has the template all ready for you to print. All you need is water and some tea mix.

15. Bargain SHopping Mom has another version of a TEA-riffic gift idea. Check it out here.

16. Apples alone are not enough, teachers need hugs too! What a sweet idea for your teacher! There is no template, but it would be super easy to replicate.

17. Great a vase out of pencils! – Check out Frugalissa Finds post here.

18. Frugalissa Finds has a great idea – Give your Teacher their favorite drink and attach a note that says “Thanks for POURING into Gavin’s life”. Ofcourse use youre kids name. 😉

19. You’re the ‘hi-lite’ of my day! Practical and cute. My favorite! ;-) Just attach this cute tag to a highlighter (or two).

20. Check out Thrifty Tiff’s post on her End of the year Teacher’s Gift. She filled up a plastic Beverage Dispenser and it looks great!

21. I’m nuts about you! A tasty alternative to candy plus a cute little note. Perfect!

22. Check out this cute M&M poem for your teacher! I love it!


23. I love this gift idea using Fanta – Check it out here.

24. We Need Smore Teachers Like You Printablegive your teacher this delicious smore treat! Love this printable.

25. Make your teacher this fun artwork made out of crayons. You can buy everything at Dollar Tree!

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