Traveling is something we do often, and with children in tow, we always pack snacks.  I like to pack things that are easy to handle, somewhat healthy, delicious and non-messy, which (believe it or not) isn’t that hard to find.  By packing snacks before you leave the house, you will save on time and money, since you don’t have to make frequent stops at convenient stores along the way. This list of road trip snacks will help you prepare for your trip, keep you sane while driving and leave the car seats without a ton of crumbs.

But before I show you our list, let me add this thought: snacks and drinks mean restroom stops, but they are important for hydration. I like to offer snacks every 1-2 hours, or when my children get restless.  I always keep baby wipes on hand, and stay prepared for a mess.  (If you expect a mess, you won’t get mad when it happens!  If there is no mess, consider it a plus!)

road trip snacks

Top Road Trip Snacks For Kids

Tortilla roll-ups – Place a tortilla in a zip top bag and you’re set!
String cheese
Dried fruits
Cheese crackers
Frozen yogurt tubes *Less messy when frozen
Waffles. Toast them before leaving the house, cut them into triangles and place in a zip top bag.
Dry cereal *This can produce crumbs, depending on the type of cereal.
Animal crackers
Granola bars
Squeezable applesauce
Cut up fruits or fresh vegetables
Trail mix *Make your own by combining dry cereal, M&Ms, coconut, raisins, and/or almonds in a bag.
Cut up veggies.

As always, make sure your snacks are age appropriate. I would never give a child under 3 some of these snacks, just as I would probably give my 10 year old a bag of beef jerky instead of what I’ve listed here.


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