With Halloween just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about your costumes.  With four children, I always coordinate their costumes, and am taking advantage of that as much as possible!  (This gets harder with a teenager in the house!)

This year, we are dressing as a family.  My children will each portray a season, while I will dress as Mother Nature and my husband, Father Time.  I am excited, but this means no store-bought costumes, as they will all be made at home!

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DIY 4 Seasons Costumes

Since I hardly ever show our costumes before Halloween week, I will tell you how I making the ensemble come together!  (I will update with pictures soon!)

Summer is going to be the easiest of the four seasons.  My teenage son will put on a white shirt, a swimsuit and wear an inflatable swim ring.  

For fall, I ordered artificial leaves from Oriental Trading, and have glued them all over a shirt.  We will add a garbage bag as the “pants” to complete the outfit, making my son look like a bag of leaves.

For spring, my son will wear a fun raincoat and a pair of rain boots.

For winter, I am attaching beautiful snowflake ornaments to a white dress, and my daughter is excited to help in the process.  (I’m grateful Oriental Trading sells Christmas items year round!)

As for the Father Time costume, I ordered a few costume accessories such as this scythe and a grey, long-haired wig.  I’ll add a clock, and the look will be complete!

For Mother Nature, I will wear a dark green dress, adorned with a few vines and simple flowers.


I know this post is rather vague, but I want to help with some ideas and resources so you have time to order supplies and make the costumes yourself.  Make sure you stay tuned for pictures and updates!

Make sure you take a look at everything Oriental Trading has to offer for Halloween this year!  You can also connect with them on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest, and YouTube.

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