It’s always fun to Trick or Treat on Halloween. Like many, sometimes you envy the candy that a sibling, friend or parent picked up in their basket versus the candy that you received yourself.  (I mean, I might cry if you get the good chocolate and I don’t!) This free printable candy dice game is fun and a great way to conquer and trade Halloween candy!

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Simply find 15 pieces of candy from your Halloween basket that you’re willing to trade or lose and print this printable game. Grab a die and have some fun!

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I encourage my children not to use the candy that they are excited about. It has to be pieces they are willing to lose.  My personal favorites are M&Ms, Snickers, Twix (left, please!) and those delicious mini Heath bars.  My son is so excited to get Skittles and lollipops.  It’s a great way to trade and everyone is excited in the end! 

Free Printable Halloween Candy Dice Game

To print these free printables, simply right click on the image you want below, and save the image to your hard drive.  Then, you will find the folder you just downloaded the image to, then right click on it again.  This time, click print!  


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