My family was recently invited to visit Houston for a press trip, where we made our way to the Houston Zoo, specifically to feed the giraffes.  Since my daughter is a huge fan of giraffes, I knew this would be one event she would be so surprised to participate in!  I knew my two boys would enjoy this as well!

houston zoo

We lathered on our sunscreen and headed out for a fun day.  Despite the traffic and full parking lots at the zoo, we found a parking garage 1/2 mile away and made our way to the giraffes just in time for the feeding.

houston zoo giraffe feeding

At the Giraffe Feeding Platform, we were greeted by the Masai Giraffes who are just as eager to see visitors, knowing they will soon hold lettuce leaves for feeding!

Once you have your feeding ticket, the experience goes quick, so make sure you have your cameras ready!  If you have several children, you may want to go through the line twice, using one ticket at a time, insuring you can take pictures of each person’s experience!  I have to admit, it’s more about the experience than the pictures, though pictures are great to have!

giraffe feeding

My children loved the feeding just as much as my husband and I did.  It’s not something you get to do everyday, and seeing the group of giraffes up close and personal was a fun experience, too.

The Houston Zoo offers feedings daily at 11 am and 2 pm* – $5 for giraffe food
*dependent on weather and giraffe participation

Revenue generated from giraffe feeding helps support the care of our giraffes and the other 6,000 animals at the Houston Zoo.

The Houston Zoo is located at 6200 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX 77030

Tickets to the zoo are for sale at, and also available on your Houston CityPass.

Disclosure:  My family was provided with tickets to both the Houston zoo and the giraffe feeding, in exchange for a review of the experience.  All opinions are my own.


  1. How fun!! We’ll definitely have to keep this in mind for our next trip to Houston! We usually go down 2-3 times each summer, but haven’t been to the zoo yet!

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