We just put new tires on my van. I must admit, though, when I went to the service station, I had no idea what type of tires I needed.  With so many options, choosing the tires for your needs can be overwhelming, so I came home and did some research.

find the right tires
Come to find out, there are four main types of tires: Summer, Winter, All Season and All Terrain.

Summer Tires are best for clear, warm weather.  These tires have a soft rubber, allowing for maximum grip during tight cornering.  This tire is great in rain and wet conditions, too, but not suitable for ice and/or snow.

Winter Tires are best for the grip in cold and icy conditions.  This tire has a tread that is designed to bite into the snow and ice, providing plenty of traction in winter weather. The rubber on these tires are designed to stay flexible when temperatures drop below 45 degrees.

All Season Tires are most common, and usually found on all new vehicles.  These tires have a great balance between traction and comfort, delivering a product that suites all ideal conditions.  The tread and rubber compound is a compromise, so it won’t give you the extreme driving capabilities of either summer or winter tires.

All Terrain Tires are perfect for your SUV, truck or four-wheel drive vehicle.  They are specifically designed for off-road use, with a tough rubber compound that handles rocks, mud and other rugged surfaces well.

While finding the right tire can be overwhelming, your owner’s manual will provide recommendations, as can your local automotive technician.



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