Since I take a trip to Dallas each week, I am usually on the hunt for an upscale restaurant that can fill my belly without draining my wallet.  One restaurant, in particular, is doing just that… and more.  I’m talking about Grub Burger Bar, located in the heart of Dallas, just minutes from downtown.

Grub Burger Bar provides a unique dining experience, from the food to the atmosphere to the service.  And they aren’t slacking in any of those areas!

  grub burger bar


We walked into the restaurant, where we grabbed a menu and took a look at the offerings.  As I read the list of gourmet burgers, which were hand crafted from the Grub Burger Bar chefs… I could feel my heart beating faster with excitement!  The fresh ingredients are no secret, resulting in some of the best burgers you’ve ever tasted!


Some of our favorites: grub burger bar dallas
– the Lockhart Legend, which was a gourmet burger, topped with smoked bacon, cheddar cheese, housemade Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce, two hand battered onion rings and sliced dill pickles.  When I say it was good… it was GOOD! 

grub burger bar dallas
– the VooDoo Mushroom, which includes perfectly sautéed mushrooms with swiss cheese and Tabasco mayo. (My son’s #1 choice!)

grub burger bar dallas

 – the Jive Turkey, which is 100% turkey breast, seasoned with pesto then dressed with bacon, swiss, sprouts, avocado, and chipotle aioli on a whole wheat bun. This burger was incredibly moist and flavorful!

grub burger bar dallas

 – the Hippie Chickpea was interesting.  Imagine a ground chickpea & eggplant burger with a roasted red pepper mayo, arugula, red onions, goat cheese and tabbouleh, all served on a whole wheat bun! 


As I spoke to the manager, I found out the buns are made daily, as are the sauces and ground meat.  In fact, you can purchase the day-old buns, with all profits going to a local charity of the month!  Isn’t that great?

We also tried a few snacks:

grub burger bar dallas
– the Crawfish Pistolettes (Scratch made étouffée, wrapped and cooked in a French bread roll, served with a housemade Mississippi Comeback Sauce.)  Since I’m from Louisiana, these pistolettes were made for me.  I’m sure of it!  They are that perfect!

– the Luau Fries (Braised pulled pork, monterey jack and cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, jalapeños, Teriyaki & BBQ sauce… yeah.)  I am pretty sure I could have eaten this as a meal!

But wait… all of that gets even better with the shakes.

After dinner, there was little room for dessert, which was one of the best hand crafted milkshakes I’ve had in a while!  Some of the milkshake flavors include Nutella, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel and “The Kitchen Sink”.

grub burger bar dallas

The Kitchen Sink was incredible!  (I could have gone for a second!)  Think sweet, salty and everything in between!

Since the service was quick and the location is convenient, it would be  fun to go back for desserts after doing a little shopping in Dallas!  Or you can go out for a date night and order the shakes spiked!

To find a location near you, make sure you connect with Grub Burger Bar online and on facebook


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