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Have you heard about the new Children’s Museum in Joshua, TX?  Imagination Station is a hands-on center for children to explore, create and have fun!
My family went out to Imagination Station this week, where we found fun, indoor activities that kept my children involved and happy.  It was great to see my 10 year old off of an electronic for the day.  My 7 and 4 year old children didn’t want’ to leave, after almost 3 hours of being at the attraction.  My husband even tried his hand at the accordion and drew a bunny that even ‘ol Bugs would be proud of.
With 6 rooms (or stations) available, there was something for everyone in attendance, regardless of age.  We started off in the music room:
imagination station joshua Then made our way to the Veterinarian’s Office, which was similar to Doc McStuffin’s Clinic:
imagination stationMy children then asked to visit the arts and craft room, where I thought they’d never want to leave!  I liked the way the supplies were available on the table, so children could do things on their own, with minimal help.  My 4 year old was very independent with painting and washing his hands.  I appreciated the fact that all of the paint was either watercolors or finger paint, so I didn’t have to worry about dirty clothes, though aprons are available.
children's museum in joshua imagination station
Once I convinced my children it was time to move on, they decided to try the light room next:
children's museum in joshua
My children had fun in the sand and water room, too!  All children love to play in the sand – and I didn’t even have to bring a beach blanket (or apply sunscreen!)  I loved the fact that the sand was clean, and kind of wish there was a place to wash your feet off before putting your shoes back on. 
imagination station joshua
With one room left to explore, we headed to the block room!  I think my boys’ eyes lit up with excitement!  Seeing the legos, k’nex, a train table and wooden blocks, they both ran to sit down.  I am sure their minds were already running with things to build before my daughter fully entered the room, though she had fun building things, too!
imagination station
Before we left, we made sure to go down the 11 foot slide (recommended for children 5+).  I think my daughter screamed a few times on the way down, so I’m not sure how it feels to go down that fast!  (She did say it hurts when you land.)
children's museum Imagination Station is located at 200 N Broadway Street in Joshua, TX.

*UPDATE: This location has since changed to 1108 N. Anglin St. Cleburne, TX. 
The venue can be reached at 817-729-5351

$2.00 Adults 18+ 
$5.00 Children 2-17
$3.00 Children 12 months-23 months
$1.00 Grandparents

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  1. If you go back take some baby powder with you. It will get the sand off feet in a flash.

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