I recently shared a back to school student treat tag that has been a hit!  I love that so many teachers are breaking the ice with a small gift to their students. Here’s another inexpensive back to school student gift that is practical and may also come in handy throughout the year!

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Everybody loves a new box of crayons, regardless of age.  You can give a box of crayons to a 40 year old and you can give that same NEW box to a 5 year old, and both will smile with joy.  (I know I do!)

This inexpensive back to school student gift will not only break the ice at Open House or Meet-the-Teacher night, but you’re also giving the students a tool for their creative outlet, homework or practice work!  

Happy Parent Appreciation Day!

If you purchase the boxes of crayons in August, most retail stores will have them on sale for $0.50 a box! (or less!) Watch for sales to start after the 4th of July.


To print the tags for the crayon boxes, just click on the image below and right-click to save it to your computer.  Then, go to your download folder and right-click on the image again. Click print.  Then, a window should pop up giving you print options.  Click on “wallet” or 9 per sheet.  (You may also have to choose to have 9 images per sheet. Look for this option at the bottom of your screen.) Then, cut them, sign them and attach to crayon boxes!

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