As a former teacher, I know how nerve-wracking it can be for both the teacher and student on Meet the Teacher night (regardless if it’s your first year of teaching or your eighth.) I always liked to give my students a back to school welcome treat, and this free back to school welcome tag printable was the perfect addition to candy or other sweet treats!

leftover halloween candy (1)

You can print the tags (found below), cut them out and add them to fun size candies, buckets of cotton candy, lollipops, etc. (Just be mindful of peanut allergies you might not be aware of yet.)


One year, a teacher added this free back to school welcome tag printable to popsicles because it was so hot outside! The students loved them, and it was a good “ice breaker” on Meet The Teacher night!

Any of the options mentioned are available at Walmart or the Dollar stores. You’ll normally find the fun-size candies near the theater candy or with the regular bags of candy down their perspective aisle (not near the registers.)  Currently, they are about $1.00 for 5 fun-size candies.


You could even put a few candies in a small bag and add the printable tag to the top!  

free back to school welcome tag printable

Free Back to School Welcome Tag Printable

How do you print the free tags? It’s easy! Simply click on the image above, then right click to save it to your computer. Then, go to your download folder (or wherever the image saved to) and right click again. This time, click on print.  A new screen should pop up, asking you to customize your print. Select 9 per page (or wallets) and send to the printer!  The sheet should come out like the one below, minus the grey boxes. 


If you’re looking for another free welcome gift idea, check out this post for an easy way to make a picture frame that’s perfect for the start of a new school year!

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