I have never been camping, and am therefore, not a camper.  I love the idea of sleeping in the outdoors, having dinner by campfire and crickets chirping outside my window, but that’s just it…  I love the idea.  I personally am not one for bugs and can be a bit spoiled for my A/C, refrigerator and indoor bathroom. 

When I heard about camping at KOA campgrounds, we cleared our schedule, packed our bags and headed out for two nights in the wilderness… in a cabin!  But the planning process was easier than you think:

About three weeks before our trip, I pulled up the KOA website, where I found a location close to me, in Arlington, TX.  There were several options for cabins, some without a bathroom, and some fully equipped with queen size beds, bunk beds, a bathroom and even a mini-kitchen.  It was just the information I needed to read, and ten minutes later, the camping trip was planned.

KOA Campground

We checked in at the KOA Welcome Center, where the general manager provided us with a site map and briefed us on attractions in the area.  I loved the fact that the welcome center even had brochures and coupons on tickets and events going on in Dallas!  Our cabin was easy to find, and ready for us when we arrived, because my children couldn’t wait to get inside!

 KOA Campground

KOA Campground

Once I unlocked the front door, I found out this deluxe cabin was so much more than I planned for.  I noticed the linens on the beds, travel size soaps and shampoos in the bathroom, towels, garbage bags, a coffee pot and a microwave.  (Since I had packed towels, shampoo and garbage bags, this was completely unexpected!)  They even offered free WiFi for guests!

KOA Campground Dallas

There were lots of RVs on the campground, which brought the kindest of residents with it.  As we walked to the pool and sat to relax on a nearby swing, we were greeted by not one, but two guests who were enjoying the beautiful weather just as we were.

 KOA Campground

As the afternoon came to an end, it was time to make some memories with my children.  We lit the grill (provided at the cabin) and cooked hot dogs for dinner.  My 10 year old received a lesson on grilling while the girls gathered the plates, napkins and drinks.  We had a lovely picnic outside, in the quietness of the campground.

KOA Campground

We let our dinner settle for a small while, then gathered wood and prepared a camp fire for S’mores, of course!  I’m pretty sure this was the first time my children warmed their own marshmallow and made the dessert themselves… I always make them in the microwave and assemble in the kitchen.  The experience: totally worth it! 

KOA Campground

After we cleaned up, we made beds and took showers to prepare for the next day.  I let my children play some cards while my husband and I went through the brochures I picked up from the welcome center. 


So much fun outside today! We loved the playground at the KOA in #Dallas. #CampKOA #Trekarooing

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On day 2, we woke up and enjoyed some time at the campground’s playground before making our way to the local mall.  We spent a few hours at the nearby Toys R Us, then ate at the mall’s food court.  We found comfort in the beds for an afternoon nap, then later that afternoon, drove to Medieval Times to catch the dinner and tournament. 

Medieval Times Dallas


I was glad the KOA provided information on these Dallas attractions, as it made our weekend of glamping that much more fun!  My children had fun cheering for their favorite knight and eating dinner with only our fingers!  (Go Green Knight!)

KOA Campground

On the third morning, we packed our bags then went outside to find bugs that would be lurking around our yard after a night of heavy storms.  Sure enough, we found everything from spiders to slugs and worms!  There were so many worms, we even had a competition on who could find the longest one!  (I think my daughter won this one!)  It made for memories my children will remember for years to come!

I would definitely recommend checking into a KOA for a camping experience.  The cabins were conveniently stocked with everything you need, though there are other options available (tent site, RV, smaller cabins).

 KOA Camping

Behind the Yellow Sign of KOA Campgrounds

If you are looking for a great place to camp, definitely find out what’s behind the yellow sign of a KOA Campground. There are so many locations to choose from, and you can check pricing and availability right from the website or app.

You can also connect with KOA online:



One (1) winner will win the grand prize and two (2) runner up winners will receive the second prize.

Grand Prize: 3 complimentary KOA Camping Vouchers good for one night apiece; including Deluxe Cabins, at any KOA campground in North America. $500 prize value. 

Second Prizes: 2 complimentary KOA Camping Vouchers good for one night apiece; including Deluxe Cabins, at any KOA campground in North America.  $300 prize value

To enter:  Just follow this link! Good Luck!

This is a sponsored post.  I received a complimentary 2 night stay in exchange for my experience and thoughts on the campground.  All opinions are my own.


  1. Natalie O. Reply

    I’ve never stayed at KOA, but this looks like a fun option!

  2. Bug hunting….my kids love that kind of thing. I on the other hand love squealing and hearing them roar with laugher.

  3. I love the balance of “camping” and having a cabin to return to at the end of the day! It’s an adventure and requires little planning/packing of extras!

  4. It looks like you guys had an awesome vacation! We love Medieval Times as well, and I cannot wait to take our youngest. This KOA looks just right for our family.

  5. Jennifer H. Reply

    My boys would love to go on a bug hunt! Looks like a great vacation.

  6. ,our first cabin experience this June and was very pleased!! Loved our little swing:)

  7. Chantelle Walker Reply

    Looks like a fun time!! Camping, s’mores, and Medieval Times what more could you want? lol

  8. Looks like a fun trip! The cabins are amazing. Thanks for the post!

  9. Hollie Jahnke Reply

    The cabins look very cozy. I love that they even have bathrooms!

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