To start our summer, we were invited to enjoy the day at Pinstack in Plano, Texas.  I thought we were going bowl and play a few arcade games, but we did so much more than I expected.

Pinstack offers 50,000 square feet of absolute fun.  You’ll find bowling, an arcade, a restaurant, bars, coffee, laser tag, bumper cars and a ropes course. It’s the perfect place to spend a summer day!

Pinstack DFW

We started our day in the VIP bowling area, which is set apart from the main bowling alley.  The VIP area has eight lanes, lots of party space and open for reservations.  

Pinstack DFW

We chose to do a little “non-traditional” bowling, where we competed against each other in games like Angry Birds and HORSE (yes, while trying to aim at certain pins!)  It was tricky, but definitely fun!  We had lots of laughs!


While we were bowling, we ordered lunch.  We shared the Deluxe Sampler Platter and two pizzas.  I absolutely loved the sliders and macaroni and cheese pops, which are fried balls of macaroni and cheese!  TIP: keep in mind that your bowling time is ticking while you eat.  Don’t get too caught up in the meal and remember to bowl (or wait until after you bowl to eat.)

Pinstack DFW

Our server was very attentive to our needs and made sure we had everything we needed.  We were never left without refills, but definitely walked away with full bellies.  Take a look at the pizza! (This was a build your own pizza.) 
  Pinstack DFW

After we finished bowling, we headed to the arcade area.  I was excited to see some of the hottest arcade games on the floor: Connect 4, Transformers, racing games, prize games and even four player air hockey!  It was fun to introduce my children to the classic pinball machines before we headed off for laser tag! 

Pinstack DFW

After a game of laser tag, we made our way to the bumper cars.  I’ll sum it up with a quote from my son, “My face hurts from smiling so much!”  

If you thought that was all, let me remind you there is a ropes course on top of the arcade!  I definitely want to meet the smart person who designed Pinstack!  We had so much fun, and only left because we had other plans for the afternoon.  When I say we could have spent the day there, we could have done so without question, and will definitely be back when we are looking for some indoor fun this summer!

Make sure you connect with Pinstack online and on Facebook!

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