scarlett johansson interview
During my week long trip to Los Angeles, we met with Scarlett Johansson for her take on the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier film and her roll as the Black Widow. 

Of course the major question on our mind…

When are we going to see the Black Widow movie?

Scarlett Johansson: You know, the thing about working with Marvel that I think I appreciate certainly and I think fans appreciate is- is what a kind of big part the and how loud the audience voice is – you know, kind of resounds in their ears.

I think because Marvel, and particularly Kevin Feige, is such a fan of the source material himself and understands that you know, the fans are kind of what drive this… this train. You know, if people want that, want to see that foam, I’m sure that we can get something together.

You know, it’s either this character I love playing or she’s got such great source material I think it would be wonderful to have the challenge of doing a female superhero movie where the protagonist didn’t kind of rest on her feminine wiles and, you know, use every opportunity to strike a sexy pose in order to get the job done.

She uses her brain, wit and feminine wiles to get the job done. She’s a very playful character and also a character that has a really compelling story. Because she doesn’t- she has a kind of a gray, um, moral code. She- she’s not black and white. And, uh, you know, I think it could be really a fun, fun opportunity to have. So, we’ll see. If you request it, they will come.

scarlett johansson interview
And when we asked her about the amazing stunts in Captain America films:

Scarlett Johansson:  Well first of all, my, um, my stunt girlfriend is, this- this wonderful, wonderful stunt woman by the name of Heidi Moneymaker (that’s her real name). And yeah, she’s awesome. That’s awesome. She’s awesome. And this is our third – you know, she’s played the widow every time, along with me. So we, we have really worked together from the beginning to develop this fighting style that you see. We want to keep the consistency of it, it’s such a fun, it’s such a playful kind of fighting style.

It’s bad ass but it’s kind of sexy. It’s a little flirtatious, I guess, the style. And it’s balletic giving a kind of a little, a nod to her past gymnastics. That’s a bit of a nod to Heidi’s past, kind of quality to it. And of course the Muay Thai and whatever else she would have learned with her kind of global experience. And, you know, in Iron Man, the fight sequences were really, pretty fantastic, you know.

A lot of like kind of gimmicky things that were just really fun to watch. In Avengers, of course, the weaponry, there was a lot more kind of gun play and stuff like that.  And wielding all kinds of crazy alien guns – that was a mess. You know, Wushu or whatever. It was just- can’t tell you how painful that is. But this time around, you know, a lot of the fighting was pretty gritty.

And it actually made it a lot easier for me, because first of all, the crazy acrobatic stuff that you see I start and finish, and then Heidi does ridiculous things with her body that I could never do. Even if it was my job. She’s amazing and deserves all- you know, a lot – most of the credit. A very brave and very inspiring person.  I just basically wound myself trying to emulate whatever she does.


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