School is out and summer is heating up! Are you looking for easy summer fun ideas? I have a free Summer bingo printable that is the perfect way to beat summer boredom! summer bingo (2)

Summer is my favorite time of the year because we get to travel and do things without a set schedule.  (And, coming from a parent who just had a child graduate, trust me when I say do all the summer things! It goes by so fast!) 

If you’re like my children, they wake up each morning asking what the plans are for the day. With this free Summer BINGO printable, you will give them the choice of an activity, while scratching fun off the bucket list at the same time!

Print a copy of this free printable by clicking on the image below or save it to your phone – it’s easy to edit with the camera app! 

summer bingo printable


For other summer fun ideas, check out the Dallas Pogo Pass – save money with the promo code: MOM 



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