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With four children, I’m always searching for healthy snacks that are available in a variety of flavors and minimal artificial ingredients.  (I mean ALWAYS.  One teen, one tween, one under 10 and a toddler = someone’s always ready for a snack!)  When I was introduced to the Tree Top Applesauce pouches, I fell in love with the squeezy fun that my entire family enjoys!


Tree Top Applesauce Pouches are pasteurized, with no added sugar or artificial flavors.  It’s applesauce simply made with fruit and that’s something any parent will appreciate.  I also appreciate the fact that we don’t need a spoon to enjoy them and there’s literally no mess.  I’ll call that a win!  But even better?  Tree Top Applesauce Pouches are now in a clear package, so seeing is believing and what you squeeze is what you get!


The new applesauce line-up includes six healthy, on the go pouches. This is the first transparent pouch available in the applesauce category, and the contents are made from 100% USA Apples from the local orchards of the Cooperative’s growers.

The see-through pouches come in six flavors: Apple (regular and organic), Mango, Strawberry, Tropical Mixed Berry and Cinnamon.

These pouches are perfect for snacking at-home, while traveling, in your kid’s lunchboxes, and having in your diaper bag.  With a toddler, I never know when I’ll need a snack to fill my 2-year old’s belly or just to pass the time when we are unexpectedly stuck waiting for a table or doctor appointment.  (Heck, who am I kidding? I have these applesauce pouches in the diaper bag for my teenager, too!)


Tree Top’s Applesauce Pouches save us time, tantrums and unnecessary mess, giving us more time to enjoy the day with our families.  

Squeeze The Day At The Dallas Zoo

You can try these new Tree Top pouches and #SeeTheGood at the Dallas Zoo on March 17th and 18th, where representatives from Tree Top will pass out free samples to guests.  (Tent is located near the main entrance.)


This morning, we took advantage of this beautiful Spring Break weather and explored the Dallas Zoo, visiting our friends at Tree Top Apple Sauce while there.  I loved seeing all the children snacking on applesauce as they watched the animals, and parents not having to worry about what may be hiding inside the pouches their children were consuming.


Whether you’re on Spring Break, Summer Vacation or just heading out for a day of family fun, make sure you stock up on Tree Top Apple Sauce for on-the-go (mess-free) snacking.  



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