Firework Craft

The 4th of July is fun and exciting!  My children love fireworks, and this firework craft is the perfect stamping activity for children of all ages!

You will need:

 – 4 pipe cleaners (to make 3 stamps)
 – paint
 – construction paper
 – paper plates or shallow dishes

To begin, you will cut the 4 pipe cleaners into thirds.  *This is the only part I do, as I allow my children to do the remaining steps by themselves!

Take three cut pieces of pipe cleaners and lay them on top of each other.  Twist them together, once, in the middle to secure.  Take the last pipe cleaner and twist around the bundle of three, creating a handle for your “stamp”.  (See picture below.)

Firework Craft

Spread out the “legs” of the firework, and set them aside.  Take your paper plates and add a squirt of paint to each.  You don’t need a ton of paint, but you do need space for the stamps to be dipped into the paint.  *Don’t use a container too small, and save color combinations for the end!

Firework Craft

Let your children have fun dipping the firework stamp into the paint and onto the construction paper.  We used white construction paper, but this would be fun on black paper, too!  Imagine the night sky!

Firework Craft

Firework Craft

My 8 year old enjoyed this!  My 6 and 3 year olds did, too!  It’s fast, fun and easy to do! 



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