We are gearing up for Valentine’s Day, and I am the first to admit that as children get older and enter their teen years, the words “love”, “heart” and “hug” get a bit cringy.  It’s so hard to find a Valentine’s Day tag that is suitable and approved by teens!  They are in an awkward stage and you can’t give off boyfriend and girlfriend vibes if boyfriend or girlfriend vibes aren’t happening.  AT ALL!  I created a free Valentine’s Day friendship tag that is simple to print, contains very few hearts and is easy to add to a small bag of chips!  It’s 100% teen approved!

Valentine's Day friendship tag

My teen carefully thought about each friend’s favorite type of chip while we shopped.  We ended up going with a variety pack of chips from Walmart for about $10.00 (the boxes of chips are available on Amazon, at Sam’s Club and your local grocery store, too!) 

These Frito Lay boxes of chips are about $12 on Amazon: 

While I cut out the printables, my teenager punched a hole in the top of the tags and added a string to attach the tag to the chip bag.  (You can also tape the tags on!  Both options look great.)  

To print the free Valentine’s Day Friendship Tag, just click on this link, hit save and print!  This link will print 6 tags to a sheet!  It is that easy!  *You can print on plain paper or cardstock to give the cards more stability.

Valentine's Day friendship tag

If you’re looking for other free printable tags, make sure you look at this Valentine’s Day tag for applesauce pouches – it’s perfect for boys!  (We pick up the GoGo Squeez pouches in a variety of flavors, which works well with the toddlers!)

valentine for boys

And this is a cute crayon printable tag for the 4th-5th grade stage.  It’s not too cringy (zero hearts!) and easy to assemble! 

valentine color craft

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