After we just cleaned out our car, I realized there were so many things we did not need inside.  We threw away old mail, receipts we thought we’d need, a random cheese cracker and lots of school work.  (What Mom doesn’t check folders in the car?)  



But in the process, we learned there were 10 things we needed to have in the car at all times, and with good reason:

  1.  A plastic bag – this can be used for dirty shoes, a messy diaper, trash, a sick kiddo, to protect your hair from getting wet in the rain… the list goes on and on for this one!
  2. Hand sanitizer – I use hand sanitizer every time I go to a store or doctor’s office.  Grocery carts are dirty and you want to avoid flu and other germs as much as possible.
  3. Socks – I can not tell you how many times I wish I had a pair of spare socks in the car! From the random trip to the bowling alley to the time we went to a trampoline park, we needed socks.  Now, they stay in the car at all times!
  4. Water bottle – You never know when you will get thirsty! Spare water bottles are also good to share with the homeless, if you see them on the side of the road.  Water can also come in handy for car troubles, if you run into that.
  5. First aid kit – I have four children. Sometimes, we need a band aid.  Other times we get a bite and need antibacterial cream.  It’s so easy to make a first aid kit to stash underneath a seat.
  6. Spare change – How many times do you look in the car for change? Whether it’s to tip the car hop at Sonic, pay a toll or buy a drink in a vending machine, keep at least $4 in change in your car!
  7. Quiet toys or books for road trips – These items are also important for those times Mom needs 5 minutes of quiet. (trust me on this one)
  8. Updated insurance card – Though some states now allow for digital proof of insurance, it’s always nice to keep a hard copy in your glove compartment.
  9. Non-messy snack – That ONE TIME I was stopped at a railroad crossing for 2 hours… I was starving, with two children in the car.  I couldn’t get out of the line.  We needed snacks.
  10. Sunglasses – I never not have at least one pair of sunglasses in the car with me.  It’s my fashion piece that doubles for blocking the sun!

Many thanks to North Star Dodge for sponsoring this post. Make sure you visit them for your new and used car needs in the San Antonio area.

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