uses for witch hazel

Witch Hazel is a very inexpensive product, with many uses.  It can be found at your local drug store, usually near the alcohol and hydrogen peroxide.  I love the cooling effect it has on your face, when I wash at night. 20 Uses for Witch Hazel:
  1. Clean scrapes
  2. Refine your pores
  3. Stop an itch
  4. Help ease swelling and inflammation
  5. Acne treatment
  6. Add to shampoo to prevent frizz
  7. Oily skin cleanser
  8. Eliminate under-eye puffiness
  9. Sooth wounds
  10. Stain remover (mix with white toothpaste)
  11. Help dry up poison ivy
  12. Astringent/skin refresher
  13. Hemorrhoid relief
  14. Balance out skin moisture
  15. Bathroom cleaner (mix with baking soda)
  16. Thin out paint
  17. Makeup remover
  18. Reduce the redness / appearance of pimples
  19. Treat chicken pox blisters
  20. Soothe sunburn
  21. Prevent razor burn
  22. Remove the sting from bug bites
  23. Fight psoriasis and eczema
  24. Treat dandruff
  25. Floor cleaner (mixed with a bucket of water)

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