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Fall is here, can you believe it?  There’s nothing I like better than fall scents, whether it’s from a pumpkin candle burning or the smell of an apple dish baking in the kitchen.  And since this is the peak time for fresh apples, make sure you pick up a few pounds at the grocery store and try these delicious apple recipes, starting with my favorite recipe for quick and easy Microwave Cinnamon Apples.  After you’ve taken a look at that, head over to check out these 7 other amazing apple recipes from some of my colleagues:

Andrea at Andrea’s Recipes shares this recipe for Cinnamon Apple Cake

Little House Living shows you how to make Apple Butter (My children like this on their morning biscuits!)

Looking for a crock pot recipe for applesauce?  Check out A Cedar Spoon

Leave No Leftovers has a delicious recipe for Caramel Upside Down Muffins

Ready for a unique dessert?  Try these Apple and Cranberry Turnovers from Flour on my Face (Delicious any day of the week!)

Another unique and wonderfully smelling idea?  Try Baked Cinnamon Apple Peels from Mad in Crafts

If you’re going for savory, take a look at this Waldorf Chicken Salad from Healthy Seasonal Recipes (I like this the following day, when the salad has absorbed all the flavors from the addition of fresh apples!)



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