We are gearing into baseball season, and our nights suddenly became a bit busier. When I say we need quick and easy “hold you over” until dinner snacks, I mean it. (Get home at 4pm, game at 6pm, then dinner, bath and bed…)  One hearty snack my children love is corn dogs, but they don’t necessarily need a huge hot dog before a game. Once we found out about mini corn dogs, we were set (it’s easier than you think!) Keep reading to find out how to make mini corn dog muffins!

mini corn dogs 2

With just a few simple pantry ingredients, you can make these and have them ready for game days, after school snacks, lunch, dinner or parties!  (We served them at our Carnival-themed party, and they were a big hit!)

How To Make Mini Corn Dog Muffins

1 package (8.5 ounces) JIFFY Corn Muffin Mix
    *This is a good corn muffin mix alternative if you want more honey in the mix.
1/3 cup milk
1 egg, beaten
2 tablespoons butter, melted
4 bun-length hot dogs, each cut into 6 pieces

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – process 1

Start by preheating your oven to 400F. While that’s heating up, grease a mini muffin tin (1 pan of 24 or 2 pans of 12) with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – process 8 In a medium mixing bowl, stir together the JIFFY cornbread mix, milk, egg, and melted butter just until combined and all is wet. Do not overmix.

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – process 10

Next, pour the cornbread mix into the 24 wells of the prepared mini muffin tin.

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – process 13

Place one piece of hot dog in the center of each muffin and press each hot dog down about halfway into the batter.

Mini Corn Dog Muffins – process 16

Bake the mini corn dog muffins at 400F for 9-12 minutes, until the muffins are golden brown around the edges.  Cool slightly before serving.   Serve with ketchup and mustard.

Makes 8 servings – this recipe can be doubled as needed.

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