Having a son in higher grades of Elementary School poses challenges around Valentine’s Day.  Every parent knows 10 and 11 year olds are at a stage where he likes me and she is my girlfriend and we broke up last week, though they are still excited about having a Valentine’s Day party on February 14!  Since I’m almost certain this will be my oldest son’s last Valentine’s Day party, we agreed to come up with a safe saying to celebrate the occasion and made this free art printable Valentines Day card.

I had just ordered a box of rainbow crayons from Oriental Trading, and they were the perfect treat to base our cards off of, being we all know a child who likes to color! 

valentine color craft

These Valentines are the ultimate card for boys and girls alike, with a practical gift attached.  The best part? You can just order the crayons, print out these cards and be ready to go!

valentine- work of art

You will need:

  • blank index cards
  • markers
  • hot glue gun (and glue)
  • rainbow crayons

Start by printing the template below on 3×5 index cards, then allow your child to use markers to color in the words “work of ART!”  Have your child sign each card then apply a small amount of glue to a crayon (one at a time) before attaching to the index card.  *Keep in mind crayons are wax and will melt with the heat of the glue. Don’t use a lot.


It’s that easy and a Valentine exchange everyone will enjoy, regardless of age!  My 5 year old had so much fun with the rainbow crayons, too.  I promised him we would use these in another craft for St. Patrick’s Day, since they are so fun!

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