Are you gearing up for a road-trip this year? Maybe you’re heading down the road to visit family or across a few states for a week-long vacation. Either way, I bet your bags are packed and your reservations are made… but did you remember to do a simple car check-up before hitting the road? A few easy steps will get you started in the right direction.


1. One simple maintenance factor includes getting an oil change for your vehicle. This can be done yourself or brought to your nearest dealer or service station. More than likely, the service department can help you with a full check-up, too, if asked.

2. Wash your car, making sure to clean the front and back windows.

3. Check the windshield washer fluid. If your windshield wipers haven’t been changed in a while, go ahead and have them changed. You want to be prepared for bad weather.

4. Check your tires. Make sure the tire pressure is where it needs to be for your tires. Too little air or too much air can affect your tires, rims and overall trip. This would also be a good time to check the spare for proper inflation.

5. Get your maps organized. Do some simple research and hi-light the course you plan to take. If you’re using a GPS system, make sure the GPS is charged and up to date. Don’t depend on a map from 1 or 2 years ago, as construction may have changed the route a bit.


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