With many states on some type of quarantine due to the Corona virus, children are silently (or not so silently) begging to get outside for fresh air and a change of scenery.  Our neighborhood just rallied together for a Bear Hunt, after seeing the original idea on a recent facebook post (see details below) — to go with the bear hunt, I’ve created a simple Bear Hunt Scavenger Hunt Printable to use on your walk or neighborhood drive!

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Many of you have heard the Bear Hunt song or read the book.  It’s one of my 4 year old’s favorites and a song we listen to often in my PreK classroom.  You can listen to the book here.

How do we have a neighborhood Bear Hunt?
So easy! Have your neighbors put a teddy bear (or any stuffed animal) in your window for children to see on walks or car rides through your neighborhood.  Designate a date (or series of dates) to leave the bears up.  Print the below scavenger hunt printable for your children to use as you look for bears on windows, porches, yards and driveways!

scavenger hunt printable


Have fun and continue to practice social distancing for the next few weeks! We can all work together to flatten the curve!

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