As many Moms with daughters know, Cinderella is in theaters today!  While I miss the days of my 8 year old dressing up every afternoon, she still likes to put on her ball gown for an afternoon party… just waiting for the prince to knock on our door!

disney cinderella movie

Sometimes we have cookies and tea at our celebration.  Other times, we have small sandwiches and sparkling grape juice.  I will also admit that we’ve had tea parties with pretend food, too.  I always like to keep things interesting, which keeps both of us eager to see what the next party holds.

  blue punch recipe

This week, we decided to have a blue themed party, in honor of the movie release.  I remembered a delicious blue drink recipe that was perfect, being I already had the 2 ingredients in my pantry.  My daughter named the drink “Cinderella Blue Punch” for the afternoon.  I think I’ll stick with that name from now on.

This blue drink is a combination of Hawaiian Punch and lemonade, and it will make you remember it, too.  It’s so good, I can tell you exactly where I was the first time I had it… which made me request the recipe!

blue drink recipe

Just mix 1 part blue Hawaiian Punch with 1 part prepared lemonade.  (The lemonade makes a ton of difference!)  Serve on ice and get ready to smile!  The best part?  You can make as much or as little as you need for the occasion.  It’s perfect for baby showers, birthday parties, potluck dinners and more!  We added a sugar rim to the glasses, which made the drink that much better.  (Just use a lemon to wipe around the rim, then dip in a plate of sugar crystals.  If you don’t have a lemon, you can dip your finger in the drink then wipe it around the rim before dipping.)

Make sure you head to theaters on March 13 to see Cinderella – this would be a great treat to come home to!

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  1. Hi! This will be perfect for our princess party this weekend! The lemonade link is not available though. Would you please share what lemonade you have found to work best? You mention it really makes a difference. Thank you!

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