Yesterday, I told you how our interview with Sarah Vowell And Huck Milner reminded me of my childhood days with my siblings.  Today, I have another interview with the voices of our second set of siblings to appear in Incredibles 2, the Deavors.  (And let’s be honest — this interview was entertaining, relatable and the duo was so nice to chat with!  Their chemistry, humor and friendliness were a bit impressive!)

In Incredibles 2, siblings Winston and Evelyn Deavor are huge fans of the Supers and start a campaign to improve their public image and ultimately bring them back. Featuring the voices of Catherine Keener as the brilliant and laid-back Evelyn Deavor, and Bob Odenkirk as the ultra-wealthy and savvy Winston Deavor.

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What’s it like seeing yourself animated? And with that, do some of the characters faces — can you look at it and be like that’s so me?
Bob Odenkirk: People have said my character looks a lot like me,  and there ae ways I think, yeah, that it does. And then there are ways I’m like, wow, I’m not remotely like that. Obviously, I don’t dress as well as the character. That’s for sure! 

I kinda like him. I have to get more familiar with him. My family’s proud of it, and they’re like, yeah, Dad, it’s a great character!

Catherine nodded in agreement and added that her character was great, too! 


If you could have one superpower in real life, which one would it be and why?
Bob Odenkirk:    Very good question.  I’ll say mine, ’cause it’s dopey. I would like to be able to eat whatever I want and not gain weight. But, really — She’s got the best answer.  (and points to Catherine.)

Catherine Keener: Well, I would just like to be able to go home like, right away. Like, teleport, but a little more. 

Bob Odenkirk:    It will be one way.  Like, she’ll still go to the airport, wait in line, go through security — but then going home is always [CLAP] like that.

Catherine Keener: And I’m home. I’m in my pajamas. My bed’s made. Clothes are on the floor. And I’m ready to go to bed, you know. Like, I’m gonna watch some tv and I’m set. 


For this role, were there any challenges, or did it just come like clockwork? Were there any scenes that maybe you go, oh, let me try it again?
Catherine Keener:    It was like one run-on tape for [CHUCKLES] hours and — I mean I wanted to try — even Brad would say — ’cause he read with us, all of us, which was so smart. But he — you know, I would start and I’d be, oh, wait, wait, and he’s like that was good, what are you doing? [CHUCKLES] So, yeah, I mean, sometimes you feel like, okay, I was in the pocket there. I’m gonna walk away. But, often times you don’t. And mostly you don’t really know the truth anyway, you know. So, it’s more like when you forget about what you just did, then you can, you know — okay, that must’ve happened!

You have to trust Brad, because he’s putting that movie together, obviously, up at Pixar. So, you’re not really seeing that. And he knows the tone of it all and the other characters, and it’s changing over time. So, you could feel it changing in the script, the tone, a little bit, but you don’t know really know where or how. And you never have the whole script. But you really just gotta — you’re guessing at what might work. So, you give him what he wants, get that first and then maybe say what if I tried this and that.  

Catherine Keener:    They’re (producers and directors) are saying it’s your part. Here you go.

Bob Odenkirk:    Because they have confidence in their own vision, they can listen to anybody. And if it’s better, they just go, yeah, let’s go there.


Have you found that people think that you’re like the villain?
Bob Odenkirk:    Yeah, they do. People think you’re like your character, and I’m so not like my characters — it’s crazy. One journalist said, if you saw Saul in a room, would you wanna hang out with him. I’m like, no, I wouldn’t go near that guy. 

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What makes Brad Bird different to work with than other directors in Hollywood?
Bob Odenkirk:    Well, he’s not different from all of the directors. He’s a lot like the best directors. My experience — these directors know what they want, and they dial it in!

Somehow it’s like a challenge that you wanna meet, and it’s like a neat thing to do it. And you feel accomplished when you do it. But also they’re all willing to hear, especially in the early stages of a scene, what do you wanna try. Try something or even maybe after they got exactly what they want, you can say, yeah, but I don’t know. I had a different thought about how to say that line. And they’ll go let me hear it. And then they go down that road together, but they all are dialing it in just so.  And it’s great. You feel like you’re in really good hands.


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