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One day, my son started running a fever.  I am a mom who likes to monitor fevers and see if there are any other symptoms before administering medicine, so I watched my son over the course of a few hours.  I took his temperature again a few hours later and when the thermometer read 103.2, I knew we had to see a doctor.  It was a Saturday afternoon and my doctor’s office was closed, so I jumped online to read about a nearby  CareNow clinic.


CareNow is a franchise of Urgent Care centers throughout the country, staffed by qualified and experienced healthcare providers that are dedicated to improving lives. The doctors and medical staff are trained in family practice, emergency medicine or internal medicine to offer a wide range of family and urgent care services for the entire family. 

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Knowing my son was feeling terrible at this point, the last thing we wanted to do was sit in a waiting room to be seen by a doctor.  Fever brings chills and I knew my son wanted to stay under his warm blanket instead of sitting in a clinic. 

I was happy to see that I could use the Web Check-In to let the clinic know I needed to be seen.  Then, I received the best message patient message I’ve read in a long time:

We will contact you shortly to confirm your check-in and to verify some of your information.  Then we will call you again when the doctor is ready to see you.

That was the news this busy mom wanted to read, so I did more reading! I learned that CareNow isn’t just for when you come down with an illness and can’t get an appointment at your primary care physician. You can use CareNow clinics for Back to School checkups, sports physicals, broken bones, vaccinations, flu shots, etc.!  They even offer x-rays and labs on site! (See services offered at CareNow.) …And a quick lab is just what my son needed that night. Turns out, he had strep throat and needed to be on antibiotics, which were conveniently sent to a nearby pharmacy for me to pick up on the way home.  

We will definitely go back to CareNow, in the event that we need to be seen after-hours.  With over 110 urgent care clinics around the United States and 30 locations in DFW, CareNow® is ready to serve you near your home, workplace or school. The clinics are open 7 days a week and stay open late to provide care when you need it the most.


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