My family likes to do nice things for others all year long, but we tend to do more during the holidays.  Every year, we make care packages for the residents of the local nursing home, which came to be after I spoke with a nurse who works there.  She told me how 40% of the residents don’t get visitors, cards or phone calls at Christmas, and I wanted to make that statistic a bit lower.  It was then that my children and I put together these care packages for nursing homes, which always brings a smile to those who receive them.  But there are restrictions as to what can be in a care package and what a nursing home is able to accept as donations.  So, today I am sharing a list of nursing home care package ideas, so you are ready to help, if you feel inclined to do so!

A few of the most welcomed supplies include hygiene products like soap, shampoo, chapstick and hair brushes.  The residents also like homemade cards, which is the most common donation.  But there are things like warm socks, tissues and books that are rarely donated, though appreciated just as much.  We found out it was one of our favorite resident’s birthday this week, so we put together a package just for her!

care package for nursing home

Top 5 Things To Put In A Care Package

For Nursing Homes

1. Throw Blankets – Many nursing home residents have a comforter on their bed, but no blanket to take with them if they go to a friend’s room or to common areas for BINGO. 

2. Homemade Cards – My children love making cards for the elderly. This is a nice class project, too!  (Ask your teacher to set this up as a center, and drop them off over Christmas break!)  

3. Socks – Who doesn’t like a new pair of socks to keep their feet warm? Consider socks with low ankle cuts and ones that have grips on the bottom of the sole.  (If you can schedule some time to paint a resident’s nails, that is a huge smile-maker!)

care package for nursing home

4. Books – While books are a great idea, make sure you get books in large print, so all the residents can see them easily.  If you buy crossword puzzles, make sure you add a highlighter or ink pen, too!

5. Personal Care Items – The residents are always looking for good smelling shampoo, conditioner, chapstick and lotion.  Many residents also use Depend® Products and Poise® Products on a regular basis. These personal care items are there to help people live their lives without fear of embarrassment due to urinary incontinence or light bladder leakage.

Poise® Liners are specially designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL). These liners stay 3x drier than leading period-only liners and quickly lock away wetness and odor to help you stay fresh and dry all day.

Poise® Maximum Absorbency Pads provide even more absorbency to give you the confidence and protection you need for your Light Bladder Leakage (LBL) with discreet and worry-free protection.

Depend® FIT-FLEX® Underwear for Women has flexibility that moves with you. Featuring all-around leg elastics and a smooth, close-to-body fit, this slip-on protection is soft, quiet and breathable or outstanding comfort. 

Depend® Fit-Flex® Underwear for Men featuresall-around leg elastics and a smooth, close-to-body fit, that has a slip-on style specifically designed for both comfort and protection.

care package for nursing home

All of the supplies mentioned above can be easily found at your local Sam’s Club.  And don’t forget to check out Sam’s Club Caregiving for more donation ideas.  In fact, if you download the Digimarc Discovery app, you can scan anywhere on the product packaging, and it will drive you to the Sam’s club Caregiver website!  Plus, when you open a package of Depend, it will have a sticker inside, directing you to redeem at pharmacy for a caregiver sample kit!



  1. I didn’t realize there were restrictions on what care homes can accept! I’d love to send off a care package this Christmas, so thanks for the ideas!

  2. Kathleen Calado Reply

    This are all very informative and I do believe that nursing homes need all of these items daily. Especially if we want to give our parents the care that they deserve.

  3. I am looking to donate a walker bedside commode and bath transition seat, as well as some hospital gowns and tena large diapers (sealed package) and dentils full box. Any ideas ?

  4. Shelby Cadwallader Reply

    Do you know what nursing home in Kennesaw Ga area takes donations

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