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There’s nothing like sitting down with producers and directors from a film – especially when it’s a film you are super excited about!  When I went to San Francisco a few months ago, Producer Kevin Reher and Director Brian Fee shared insights on the upcoming Cars 3 film, and I was all ears!

Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar

When we first met Lightning McQueen, he was the newest and fastest car on the track.  There was no doubt he was hard to beat.  In Cars 3, you will see how McQueen has aged and now needs to up his game if he wants to beat the newer cars …a struggle almost everyone will face at some point in their career. 

Brian Fee told us they spoke with top athletes like Jeff Gordon, and said, “I think everybody in the world probably has that feeling that they know what it’s like for someone younger to come in and you start to feel like you are no longer valid anymore. So it seemed like an honest thing to latch to. ”  He went on to say, “Things change throughout life, stories, people, situations, as people grow life has new meaning and discoveries.”

CARS3_Lightening McQueen_OwenWilson
Photo by Gerardo Mora

It was interesting to hear a little more behind the scenes information, too!  Fee said before the voice overs come in, they do a bit of experimentation in the sound booth, to determine what will work and what doesn’t fit.  Brian Fee said once Owen Wilson (voice of McQueen) starts recording, he gives his input on what McQueen would or wouldn’t say in a certain scene. Often times, what ends up on screen is something we didn’t start out with.  But it works!  In animation, Fee said, that’s the closest to improv you can get.

Photo by Deborah Coleman / Pixar

Since Chief Creative Officer of Pixar John Lasseter directed the first two Cars films, Brian Fee said they met with him often when producing the third film. Fee said, “Lasseter took on a mentor role over Cars 3, while letting us do our thing. Lasseter allowed me to play with his toys, so to speak. And I needed to hold tight to these characters that he created”. Fee also said that he realized the world was attached to these Cars characters, so there were certain expectations that he took into account. …and he did a good job at doing so!

See for yourself when Cars 3 races into theaters on June 16.  Mark your calendar!

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