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On our recent trip to Disney World, we kicked off the holiday season with tickets to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom.  


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is held select nights through December 22, and is definitely something to plan for if you are visiting at that time.


From the cookies and hot chocolate to dancing with elves to seeing each princess with her prince, I have a few inside tips you need to know before you go:


Tips For Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

1. Plan Accordingly. While the Christmas Party doesn’t start until 7pm, if you have a ticket to the party, you can get into Magic Kindgom as early as 4pm.  We saved our morning for Disney Springs and exploring the area, but you could definitely use that “free time” to relax at the resort!  *I suggest not using a park ticket this day – since you have a party ticket -, and saving that full park day to extend your vacation!



2.  Have an early dinner before arriving to the party.  Some quick serve locations are closed during the event because they are used for cookie stations. (We didn’t know this!)  Make sure you look at the guides to see what restaurants will stay open.


3. Save room for dessert!  There are 5 stations with complimentary treats.  We found cookies, hot chocolate, pretzels, chocolate candy, snow cones and apple cider.   


One of the stations we visited had a sign offering allergy-friendly options.  A friend told me she was offered apple slices as an option, too!  Another guest told me she found egg nog.  I missed out on that one!


4.  Locate the treat stations and let your children feel like they own it.  Each station can be easily identified by the inflatable candy cane outside the entrances.


5.  Bring Ziploc bags.  We were handed 4 cookies at a time.  Multiply that by the 6 of us, and you have cookies for a week!  (See why I said to save room?)  I was glad we had baggies in my backpack because they sure came in handy!


6.  Be prepared to show wristbands all night.  I loved how Cast Members quickly checked to make sure you were wearing a wristband, identifying you as a party ticket holder, before going on rides or getting treats.  

disney world christmas party

7.  Use your wristband!  Make sure you stop by the Firehouse on Main Street to get your (free) exclusive Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card, which is only available during the party!  *Our wristbands were marked once we received this card.

8. Ride the Jingle Cruise.  It’s fun, it’s “punny” and monkeys are cuter when wearing Santa hats!   


9.  Save time for characters.  We couldn’t wait to meet Cinderella and Prince Charming, so that was our priority once the party started.  You can also see Mary Poppins and Bert, Snow White and the Prince, Ariel and Eric and so many more!  We had hopes of taking a picture with Uncle Scrooge, but the line to meet him was already an hour long (before the party started.)  We opted to wave as we passed by and take advantage of short ride times instead! 


10.  Skip the first parade, as there are two.  A good portion of the crowd will watch the first one, so use that time to do other things, but DON’T miss the parade!  You’ll see wooden soldiers, unique characters and smell the most amazing things!  (Sit on Main Street for an amazing view of both the parade and fireworks.  Plus… it snows!) 

disney world christmas party

2017 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party dates:

  • November 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, 17, 26 and 28
  • December 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21 and 22

Tickets may be purchased in advance from Disney’s website, at Disney World ticket booths, or by calling 407-939-7211.

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