We often take road trips, and I like to know just how many miles my car is getting per gallon.  Not that I can change anything at the moment, but it’s just nice to know and make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck!  Plus, it’s so easy to check the fuel mileage in your car, I think everyone should do it at least once a year (if not more often!)

check the fuel mileage

How to check the fuel mileage in your car

  1. Refuel your vehicle, making sure it’s full.  *note the gallons you put in… save your receipt!
  2. Reset your car’s trip meter to zero.
  3. When the tank is empty, fill up your tank, noting the gallons.  
  4. Divide the trip meter miles by the gallons of gas you just put in.  The result is the MPG.

And, if you want to increase the number of miles per gallon, here are a few tips to try:

  1. Check and possibly replace the air flow and oxygen sensors, the air filter, the spark plugs and your tires. Also think about the last time you had an oil change.
  2. Avoid rapid acceleration and braking.  You want to keep a steady foot, when possible.  The optimal speed for road trips is about 60 mph.
  3. Remove the extras out of your car.  Cleaning it out will remove the extra weight, which can potentially slow down your vehicle and weigh in on those gas miles!  
  4. Consider purchasing a new vehicle at a dealership near you.  The newer models have fuel efficiency and eco boosters that will help you along the way!


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