Decorating for the holidays is one of my favorite things to do, but let’s be honest… decorations can get expensive and not everyone has extra money in the last few months of the year.  (At least I don’t!)  I’ve found a way to make cheap, unique and fun Christmas decorations made with clothes hangers!  Yes, those plastic clothes hangers!  Look at this cross:

decorations made with hangers

These Christmas decorations can be hung inside or out, and since they are durable, they withstand the weather.  Plus, they can be reused (as actual hangers) after Christmas is over!

Some shapes I’ve seen: 

red truck

The supplies you will need are :

1. Plastic hangers (I buy mine from Walmart. They are sold in 18 packs for $2.00. Dollar Tree has a 7 pack for $1.00.)

decorations using hangers
2. Scissors
3. Zip ties (Buy the pack with multiple sizes. I get this at Walmart for about $2.00, too.)
4. Spray paint, optional
5. String for hanging (or dowel rods for staking in the ground.)

To make a snowflake hanger decoration:

Take 8 hangers and start placing 2 hangers together at a time, along the straight edge. 

Christmas decorations using hangers 3

I always lay my decoration on the floor and line everything up before connecting them with zip ties.

When the picture looks good, take zip ties and connect where ever you can.  

Now, if you’d like, you can take the other 8 hangers and form the second layer of your snowflake. You will be placing these hangers right on top of your second layer, but off center from the first layer.

I then used a larger size zip tie to connect both layers together. I used as many zip ties as it takes to securely hold all the hangers together. You need to make sure all your hangers are secured and you can pick the whole snowflake up.

Once the snowflake is completely zip tied together, you can cut off the longer ends of the zip ties and spray paint, if you choose to go that route.  You could also add tinsel, garland, ornaments or lights!  

The final step is to add a string and hang these up!  If the object is large, you could ad dowel rods and stake it in the ground.

Christmas decorations using hangers 2

To make a cross or red truck hanger decoration:

Just follow the directions above, but go according to the photo. I find it easier when you look at the straight lines of a hanger, then go back and make sure the hooks are in the direction you want them to be in.

For the truck, you can use frisbees, plates, etc. for the tires!  The truck would be cute outlined with red tinsel!  
Tag me @HustleMomRepeat with your final projects! I’d love to see them!

christmas decorations using hangers 1


  1. Do you have a picture of the reindeer? I know I saw it before but can’t find it anywhere now. Thank you

  2. I love the hanger decorations.
    I have done two snow flakes. One with yarn to hold it together , and one with flower tape to holed it together.

  3. Jane VanZant Reply

    I love the truck can’t wait to make a red light one…thank u for sharing…hope u are a Skynyrd fan

  4. Jane VanZant Reply

    Love the truck …thanks for sharing…hope u are a Skynyrd fan

  5. Don’t care for moa commercial blocking the picture. But great ideas!!!

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