Bundle up! Disney’s Frozen comes to theaters this November!

Disney's Frozen
Since we’ve seen the trailer for Disney’s FROZEN,  my children continue to ask if it’s November 27th yet.  They are absolutely in love with Olaf, the adorable snowman in the film!

Some people are worth melting for.  – Olaf

We made these Olaf inspired treats, and I’m sure we’ll make them 10 more times before November!  They are so quick and easy!

Disney's Frozen

You will need:

bendable straws
black icing or a black edible marker
orange icing or an orange edible marker


Slide three marshmallows onto a bendable straw (put the bendy part at the top, where the marshmallows will be).  The bendable part gives Olaf his character!

Decorate the marshmallows with eyes, a nose, a smile and buttons!  Enjoy!




  1. We saw the preview, too. That looks like a cute one. We’ll have to remember to make these when the movie comes out.

  2. Kayla Smith Reply

    This is perfect for our Frozen slumber party! The kids will enjoy making these before dinner

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